Rare diseases

Niguarda is a reference centre in the Italian and European Network of rare diseases (ERN) for over 100 rare diseases.

The hospital is committed to the prevention, surveillance, diagnosis and care of persons with rare diseases. The centre takes care of more than 100 rare diseases of adults and children which are monitored through 360° thanks to the work of multidisciplinary teams of around seventy specialists with extensive experience using the latest technology and diagnostic/therapeutic procedures. Is also recognised as a focus of culture and research in a process of constant retraining.

Why a Centre for Rare Diseases

A disease is considered rare when it affects one person every 2,000 inhabitants. There are more than 6,000 different rare diseases and in Europe there are about 25 million persons affected. The main problem with this type of disease is above all the difficulty in arriving at a rapid diagnosis, the lack of specific therapies, the scarcity of structured and homogeneous chronic care routines and the evolution of the illness itself. A rare disease, in fact, requires, in addition to diagnosis and therapy, rehabilitation, psychological support and also social support. To address these challenges and meet the needs of persons affected by rare diseases the Centre for Rare Diseases has been set up at Niguarda.

Patient Associations

Patient Associations play an important role for the patient with a rare disease and his family. Thanks to their first-hand experience and the acquisition of knowledge and skills over time, the personnel of the associations are often able to offer valid support for the daily needs of the patient. See the list of associations of patients with rare diseases current in Europe EURORDIS:


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