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With its vocation to excellence and multidisciplinary care, Niguarda heals the person, not just his/her disease. This is the goal of all the 4170 employees who every day confirm this hospitalís role as a structure of national relevance.
It houses all the clinical specialties for pathologies of adults and children.

The hospital, of artistic and architectural importance, protected by the Ministry of Fine Arts, is undergoing a process of structural and functional renovation.
The project involves the division of health activities in three main blocks: the DEA block (since 2002) reserved for emergency / urgency, the South block (opened in 2010) dedicated to the high intensity of treatment, and the North block (operative in 2014) for the average intensity of care.
An innovative service concept and model of care will be guaranteed, with the collaboration of technical and health care professionals.
The new Hospital also included: parking areas, a scientific park, conference center, day-care center, and shopping gallery.

last update: November 20, 2011
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